Reiki Treatments

  • Increase your health and your body’s energy naturally.

    The definition of Reiki is “universal life force energy” and it can be beneficial for many different physical, emotional, and mental issues.

    Reiki healing is completely non-invasive and safe and can be used without any worry about side effects or overdose. It can be confidently used in parallel with conventional medication and natural remedies as is completely complimentary therapy.

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    What is involved in the treatment?

    An average session normally takes approximately one hour. Although your first appointment is slightly longer as your therapist will need to know more about your medical history, any specific conditions you have and also your general health lifestyle. This then means we can tailor a course of treatment specifically to your individual needs.

  • Reiki treatments-how often?

    The amount of treatments you need varies significantly from individual to individual. People respond differently and recover their natural body balance at different speeds.

    However once your balances re-established you may want to come back from monthly maintenance treatments just to keep yourself on an even keel.

    Heal yourself and others.


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